Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) are student technology leaders, empowered to build Microsoft communities on their campus and share their deep knowledge and passion for technology with their fellow classmates.

What's it about?

The MSP programme is about building skills and empowering students. It's about constantly pushing students towards new challenges. It's about nurturing talent and helping students achieve their full potential with our core values at heart - Innovation, Teamwork and a Growth Mindset.


As the next generation of IT Leaders, MSPs embrace technology in any form they take - learning and mastering them to harness that knowledge. And this is what drives our MSPs to bring even the most challenging projects to life.

Growth Mindset

The most defining element of any MSP is their mindset. MSPs see challenges with a different eye - that of a learning opportunity present in every project and at every step of the journey. Failure is just the stepping stone to success.

Find Us On Campus

Microsoft Student Partners are currently present in several universities on the island - including University of Mauritius, Middlesex University, University of Technology and African Leadership University. Come find us on your campus!

As MSPs we are always pushing forward, defying our own limits. MSP is more than just a community - it's a mindset. Unleash your potential!

Vidush H. Namah

Research & Development

The MSP crowd is one that is very likeable and helpful: a bunch of geeks having each others' backs! That's what makes the beauty of this community! 

Varun Horril

People & Project Management

MSP is about nurturing talent by helping us expand our horizons and grow not only on a professional level but on a personal one too.

Gulshan Mahadeb

Research & Development

MSPs are like family. We grow, learn and fail together. But we never give up. At the end of the day, we come out as leaders and professionals.

Hamna Mungur

Marketing & Communication

Our Projects

The MSP programme also focuses on evangelizing about technology and how it make our lives simpler - or just more fun. What better way to do this than through events, activities and the occasional goodies!
Take a peek at some of our recent events.